21DIAMONDS Birgit women's ring 14 carat 585 Red Gold 21PREMIUM Weißertopaz Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

£ 372.97

  • Earrings for Women's engagement ring?-?Rose Gold Swarovski White and White Stone. Engagement rings for marriage proposal, an explanation of Love or as a gift, application ring, Christmas gift, Engagement, ring
  • Free Delivery, FREE ENGRAVING in choice of diamonds on request, free ring sizes change * and 60?day money back guarantee *
  • High-gloss polished Wei?ertopaz ring made from 14?carat (585) Pink Gold. The high-quality engagement ring is coming to you in an elegant jewellery case with gift box & Certificate of Authenticity and from the outside is completely neutral packaging. This means this piece of jewellery that never the shine loose, and we put you a high-quality polishing cloth.

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