Drachenfels Women's Ring - 925 Sterling Silver-Matte Pearl Giftpfeilfroschkönig Brilliant White Freshwater-Cultured PEARL-D GFR 132 / AG

£ 153.00

  • Colourful Baby Giftpfeilfroschring with Green Enamel and White Freshwater Pearls Made from Sterling Silver, Nickel-free.
  • We use Brandlack similar to the cold Emaille. This is much durable than conventional Lack. well by means of repeated application creates an irresistible Tiefenglanz. our lacquer is UV protected our Freshwater Pearls are always true Zuchtperlen. meistgeforderte and the silver is spent precious the ground in Silver is very soft, it will be used with copper alloy, in order to boost production, we use Hard 925 /-Sterling Silver 925 Silver, i.e. elements and 75 Pieces Kupfer. No NICKEL.
  • This colourful varnished Sitting Green Frog on a matted ring band and guarding of its White Su?wasserperle. Gro?stadtprinzessinnen of us who would not have also be used as a charming Kusspartner.

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