Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring in 9 Carat White Gold

£ 180.00

Presented in a classic 4 claw setting, this Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia Halo Ring in 9 carat White Gold has all the elegance of a really luxurious diamond ring, but without the heart-stopping pricetag. With the brilliant cut central stone elegantly flanked by gemstone-set shoulders, and the surrounding halo of cubic zirconias bringing even more eye-catching fire to the piece, you will be truly dazzled. Cubic zirconia is the manmade equivalent of a diamond, with none of the ‘inclusions’, or flaws, which occur in natural gemstones: cubic zirconia is created to be flawless, and to have even more ‘fire’ than a diamond. Heavier than a diamond, although not quite as hard, cubic zirconia also has a fascinating history: developed by Soviet scientists in Moscow during the Cold War, the gemstone has gone on to be mass-produced all over the world, and is an affordable equivalent to a diamond in precious jewellery.

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